Hydroplutonic Kernow Tour

With Urbanomic and The Falmouth Convention
Invited by The Falmouth Convention http://www.thefalmouthconvention.com
to plan and deliver a field trip in May 2010 for visiting artists as part of an event designed to examine 'particular geographies, histories and narratives in Cornwall', Urbanomic, chose to examine the region's industrial past.

Visiting lesser-known sites in the Gwennap mining district, with geologists, philosophers and ecologists (and myself) as guides, the trip explored the way in which terrestrial and geological forces - 'Nature-as-Sculptor' - have conspired with human industry to profoundly alter the face of the earth. The trip aimed to 'unfold' the superficial touristic delights of the Cornish landscape, to reveal the unique configuration of cosmic and terrestrial forces that created it.

To accompany the trip, Robin Mackay and myself collaborated to produce an original 'three-dimensional print edition': a 'fault-map' which, drawing on the research undertaken by Kenna Hernly and ourselves for the field trip, unfolds to reveal the complex of forces - geology, mechanics, hydraulics, mineralogy and metallurgy, salvation and combustion, fire and water, steam and capital - working beneath it at the dawn of the industrial revolution.